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While the Girls are Away: Bedroom Redo

My "big girls" are spending a couple of weeks with their "Mims and Pops" in Texas, so I thought it would be a great time to surprise them with a room redo when they come home.   Currently, they have matching twin beds that are oriented in an L shape - not ideal or pretty.  They've been wanting bunk beds, and since it should help open up some floor space, we caved.
At the risk of going all-out girly girly, I'm planning on a (very light) lavender striped wall to coordinate with the Biscuit bedding that's on order.

Where I'm a bit stuck, though, is on rug selection.  My natural tendency is to over-match, so I often have to step back a bit to choose something that works, without looking too much like a furniture showroom.  I've put three variations into design boards to get a feel for what will look best.   I've ordered marquee letter lights in each girl's initial, but unlike the images, the letters will be gold.  

So, in general, a lot of softness going on.

My first choice is probably this loose floral rug that pulls in the lavender, but also gives me some wiggle room to accent with other colors.

Another option is this more "matchy" overdyed, low pile.

Then there's the wild card.  Offering a more high-contrast look, while still pulling in the base lavender.
Thoughts? Opinions?  Give 'em to me.


laura Madalene said...

What a beautiful bedroom! Thanks for hosting, Kim! Have a great week!
Kids Bedroom

Calgary Girl said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the first one, I think it's your first choice! It's my vote!! Can't wait to see the finished pics.

spark! (Ada-Marie) said...

I vote for the second -- I like the soft, feminine vintagey feel of the room with the rug. All are awesome options though. I can't wait to see the finished room! Super mom!

Bethany [at] Powell Brower Home said...

even though #2 is the matchiest, it my far and above FAVORITE!

mrs.bingolittle said...

I love #3, but my experience is that black shows everything: dust, dog hair, dust, lint, dust, bits of paper, dust, and more dust. I like both of the others, and think the choice, depends on your girls' personalities. #2 is not only match-y, it's very sweet and somewhat romantic. #1 is both feminine and modern, youthful without being juvenile. Without knowing them, I'd give the edge to #1, if only to have more colors in the room.

Mary said...

I don't know why.. just like #2, like the traditional rug. Can't wait to see that kitchen! Love your blog-- hope you are doing well. Your daughters are precious-- and love your wry FB posts
Mary-UT- Madison

mrs. V | Chez V said...

I'm feeling #2. Digging the tonal vibe.

Angie said...

#3! Enjoy!

Yuko Jones said...

Am I too late? I love #3 - I think the rug really makes it. I was looking through your feature on rue mag. Your home in Brazil was absolutely stunning. Looking forward to seeing more of your new home :) Best wishes xx

candyb81178 said...

I like the last black floral one. It brings in a little sophistication, but is still fun.

from Katie- said...

I think the first is actually the most girlish, but the ultimate choice should take their personalities into account. Super spunky? The third. More conservative and reflective? The second. The first is your middle ground.

Diane Haynie said...

I agree with your first choice but also love that bold black floral one if you brought some touches of black into the room via a throw pillow, picture frames etc to balance it out.

ance mist said...

The third rug choice will only work if u keep the initials in red instead of gold. The second choice will last for years because it is traditional. I love that choice!

Laurie Colvin said...

I had bought a rug that was dark and multi color and it overpowered everything else in the room. I think the rug in #3 would be overpowering. My vote is for #1. The colors are happy and bright yet still serene. It is a bedroom after all. I love that color combination with lilac/orange/teal. Second choice would be #2.

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