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Lovin' my Laundry Room

I've been jonesing for a decent, even (gasp!) pretty laundry room for a long time. Being a family of five means I spend a lot of quality time with the washer and dryer, so my wishes are justified, right?
Many of the homes in our area have a utility space in the basement, so I'm grateful ours is a legit laundry room on our main floor.  However, when we moved in, the layout made zero sense.  The washer and dryer were up against the side wall, partially blocking the window.  In what was a new "oh, that's...interesting," the drain tube from the washer was zip-tied (classy, right?) to the utility sink faucet, so each time the machine emptied, it splattered water everywhere. Last but not least, there was a wire-style shelf attached to the right wall.  I'm vertically challenged, but every time I'd do laundry, the clean clothes that were hanging on the bar of the shelf batted me in the head.
So, yeah, me and the laundry room were going to have a come-to-Jesus.
First, I'll address our machines: Rarely do you see top-loading machines in those awe-inspiring utility room pics, but ours came with the house, and the washer is brand new.  I would love a front-loader, so I could put a folding counter on top, but I'm gun shy.  I've had several servicemen say front loaders are finicky.  I can't deal with a temperamental wash machine, so for now, top loaders are where it's at in the Giese compound.
Layout Change: Clearly, the solution to the problem was to flip the washer and dryer to the back wall, then add storage, etc above.  First, we had a plumber install what I believe to be a "proper" water connection and drain box on the back wall.  We also had to close up the old, and cut a new dryer vent. 
Next, we dealt with the floors.  I considered painting the old linoleum in a fun pattern, but when I saw a box of vinyl wood planks for like, fifty bucks, I went for it. Ben installed them like some kind of pro. I think it took less than three hours.
Disclosure:  I was aiming for a "look," but not to spend a ton on this room.  I was really pleasantly surprised by how decent those vinyl planks look.
Then, the wallpaper went up.  I have to tell you, this was the Game Changer.  I had a general design idea in mind, so when a great Schumacher grasscloth popped up on The Designer's Attic, I jumped. NB: If  by chance you're considering hanging your own wallpaper, grasscloth is not Beginner's level.  Our paper hangers are great, and they mentioned how tough this paper was to deal with.  On the other hand, I think it probably added a layer of structure stability to the room.  The stuff is serious.

I love the durable, "wheatey" texture, and it immediately dictated the need to pair it with a glossy, deep blue on the cabinet.
Speaking of...I bought a basic stock wood cabinet and closet pole, painted the cabinet, and added some vintage brass hardware.
Can I just take a moment to say what a HUGE moment this was?  Clothes. No longer. Batting head.
OK.  Carrying on.
I can't even tell you how happy I am with the reconfiguration.  The tiny room feels so much more spacious, and appropriate for the task at hand (i.e. the endless pile of clothes.)

 Even the Hubster, who initially thought it was a frivolous project, gave it a thumbs up.  Win-win!

Vinyl wood planks - similar to these
Wallpaper - Schumacher grasscloth via The Designer's Attic - an amazing resource, btw.
Cabinet - Unfinished wood cabinet from Home Depot
Cabinet Paint - BM water-based Alkyd in high gloss Polo Blue
Cabinet hardware - vintage.


mrs. V | Chez V said...

Game changer!!! That grasscloth. Do not fret about a front loader. I HATE mine. I will never own another front loader washing machine. Too many complaints to even go into it. Brava on your right proper laundry digs.

Bethany [at] Powell Brower Home said...

looks fantastic AG!!!!!

Nancy {at} powellbrower at home said...

I love it Alison! Makes such a huge difference and a little love ( especially on the walls and floors) makes it easier to do laundry, sort of! Hope you have a great fall and that the girls are happy in school! xo Nancy

Katy Byrne said...

LOVE! The grasscloth looks so good and I'm dying over the cabinet pull. Great job!

saba qamar said...

katy you are right is awesome blog

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Nathan Riley said...

I am laughing so hard at the fact that your washing machine splashed water when it worked! Only because ours kind of does the same, but I rigged it so the water will go into a drain rather than splash all over my wife. LOL. You were definitely not alone on that front, so I'm sure my wife feels your pain.

Nathan Riley @ Steemer Atlanta

Lovella Cushman said...

The floor looks great while still being practical for a room where you just know water is going to get slopped about sometimes! And you've got so much more space where you moved the washer and dryer to the end of the room, too. Love the hanging space above them, too - much more sensible.

Lovella Cushman @ Perfection Plumbing

Wilfred Andrews said...

That is a good way to use the space. Personally, I would have gone for a slightly darker shade although I like the "wheatey" texture as you call it. Since it is an area that will be used mainly for work, I would not want to see the colour fade due to all the activity. The blue is a nice shade.

Wilfred Andrews @ LB Plumbing and Heating

Chandler Hussain said...

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