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Sheerly Speaking

The other day, Ben said, "I kind of like this look" as he held our government-issued polyester sheer curtain panels.  I have to say, I've never given them a lot of thought.
Other than "ick."
Our place here in Rio has a rockin' view of the Corcovado that seems a shame to obscure, but sometimes the blasting sun requires us to pull the sheers to protect our furniture, and keep from boiling.
When we do, it does have a nice effect on the light.  As if there's a soft filter over our living room.
Kinda glow-ey.

His comment got me thinking about how pure and beautiful sheers can actually be.   I'm thinking gauzy linen or cotton when you need just a hint of obscurity and/or want a more casual feel.
No matter the season, they always feel...breezy.

I could work it in a living room...With light walls for ethereal-ness
 Or dark ones, to keep things from feeling too weighty
  In a bathroom, for privacy with light
 Or instant cocoon-ness around a bed
I think I might be swayed.

A couple of ways to go the sheer route:
Budget via Ikea

 Mid-Range via PB and RH


My Interior Life said...

You know I've never given much thought to sheers, but you're swaying me a bit. There is definitely something to be said for letting some glow-y light in. Hmmm.

Anonymous said...

i was just pondering this last night...i have a small room where i want to maximize the natural light, but I still want some kind of window covering...this might work. i've seen some linen sheers that are kind of an in between solution...might try those. thanks for the inspirations!

Emily said...

great post! I totally agree. Love sheers as well. Also loved your maternity photos. what a special way to remember your time abroad!

yuko said...

Those sheers are particularly divine during the spring and summer months. Great post!

LindsB said...

Love sheers- being an apartment dweller I love using them layered with my regular drapes for the privacy factor. I want the light, but I dont want my neighbors seeing me in my skivvies :)

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