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DIY Gemstone Finials - kinda of a duh...

I've been keen on the design world's general fascination with all things geode and agate over the recent past. It just so happens the vast majority of these goodies are mined right here in Brazil. This weekend, we took a road trip to the gemstone mecca where we waded through piles and piles of all things lapidary.

Gorgeous, amethyst formations

The mother lode of rough-hewn rose quartz

Famous birds of Brazil carved from semi-precious stone

I've been wanting to work some of the "positive-energy" pieces into a project, but figured I'd start off small...
So, I ordered these project-ready lamp finials with prongs from this Ebay seller.

...and picked out a few choice crystals from the piles (Sure you could unearth similar finds on Ebay as well)

...a little hot-glue gun action to stabilize everything

...and my lamps got a little facelift. (I can feel the energy, already! ;)

Next up my sleeve...Turning one of these:

...Into one of these....


anita said...

Alison -- I love your finials!! I need to find some amethyst like that...I bet you could open an etsy shop selling these beauties.
I'd totally purchase some -- in fact I have a lamp who needs a finial.
How much?? :)

my favorite and my best- MFAMB to you said...

i have been wanting to do this as well. but it's hard to find the rocks for cheap.
the finials look amazing.
really and truly.

Jae said...

What a good idea. They look great!

JMW said...

Very cool and unique DIY project!

Elisa @ What the Vita said...

This is so beautiful!! I've seen amethyst formations (in your first pic) being sold in arts and crafts markets in town, but they are SO expensive. I bet they are priced better down there in Brazil!!

I agree with the other commenter, this is a etsy shop in the making!

LindsB said...

total hotness! I think I need to do this for a few of the lamps in my house- they need an upgrade :)

smilesfromstilacoom said...

OH! Im so going to try this idea!! can't wait. and btw I too want a huge rock lamp, there stunning.

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

I've done it with found shells and seaglass from walks at the ocean. Yours look so much more classy!!

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