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I've received a few questions about the butterfly botanical prints I selected for Mary's room, so I thought I'd give a few more details. The prints are listed on titled under "Collection I, II, III, and IV" Here is a link to "Collection I."
The prints are 8x12, which I knew would require a bit of custom framing. However, I didn't have the time or budget for four custom frame orders. Instead, I found a standard 11x14 frame, and had matboard cut to size at our local Hobby Lobby's frame department. A note of interest: Selecting matboard from the framing department would have taken two weeks for turnaround, so instead, I selected matboard from their collection in art supply, and they cut it for me right then.
If you like to crunch numbers on projects: Butterfly prints - $10 each, Frames - $18.00 each (1/2 off!), Mats - $6.00 each - So, less than $35 a piece for custom-framed art!



they are beautiful!!

my favorite and my best said...

nicely done..
i am chomping here waiting for the big reveal of mary's place...

Averill said...

I'm a big fan of off-the-shelf picture frames and buying matts to make the art fit. So much cheaper, and the matts often add that extra "oomph".

Have a great weekend, Alison!

Lindsey said...


Diana Mieczan said...

Those are very pretty!
Have a nice weeekend:)

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