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The Gift that keeps on Giving

I mentioned last week Ben and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary. The "official" anniversary gift chart lists wood (traditional) or silverware (modern) as the tokens to give or receive when you hit the five year mark of wedded bliss. We don't really abide by gift charts 'round Casa Giese. In fact, our idea of gift giving usually sounds something like, "Hey, I think you'll be giving me this for my birthday, anniversary, mother's day, etc..." I know, terribly romantic.
I can't say I mind all that much - especially when I have an "aha!" moment, and there's an unfulfilled gift slot waiting to be filled...

Such was the case when I spied Pink Wallpaper's post on her brilliant idea to feature designer (read: expensive) fabrics at a discounted price to us mere design-loving mortals. Her first offering was the iconic Imperial Trellis by Kelly Wearstler. It took me seconds to determine that:
  1. Even at a discounted price, this fabric was still way out of my budget league, and
  2. I could probably swing ONE YARD of it (and call it my anniversary gift!)
Disclaimer: I am SO NOT a label whore - I don't want one measly yard of Imperial Trellis just to say I have some - I truly love it, and despite the ubiquitous use of it in fabric and wallcovering form, I think it is a classic pattern - one I will always appreciate, and well worth the investment.

So, what will I accomplish with that one yard?

Well....Remember these?
In our living room they sit, waiting for some serious TLC - and now, they will receive it...

Imperial Trellis -
Midnight/Parchment colorway on the seats, nailhead trim (metal of choice TBD)
Chair painted a rich orange - something like this
...And essentially - Two New Chinese Chippendale Chairs! (Hey, that qualifies as wood, right?)

So, what fabric is so desirable to you that even ONE yard would make you happy? What would you do with it?


Averill said...

lol...Casa Conn is precisely the same way. In fact, I got two gifts this year -- one I told Dave to buy me, the other I bought myself!

And I was all over that Imperial Trellis fabric too....I got the navy/white fabric to recover a few seats myself. Can't wait to see how yours turns out the idea of panting those chairs orange!

Lauren Jade said...

Totally worth it, those will look so fantastic. definitely must update with finished pics!

Simply Mel said...

Tres chic! Love this anniversary gift!

Oh my...fabric for me? I'm stumped! I love it all, and since I have no real DIY talents when it comes to fabric/decorating, I'll just leave that up to my hubby!

bluehydrangea said...

You made the right decision! better to have one yard of fabric you love!! I am getting ready to do a post on my favorite fabric from Kathryn Ireland...oh, it is expensive!!

Jess LC said...

What a great question! I would have to say Rubie Green's pink and white chevron pattern would be my first choice hands down. I'd make pillow cases out of them.

LindsB said...

I'd say that is an amazing present!! And the chairs are wood, so you even are following the list (I know you already had the, but I'm just going with it:)

You HAVE to post pics as soon as they are done, or even as soon as the chairs are painted that awesome orange color!

my favorite and my best said...

well done. those chairs are gonna look sooo designery and good. love the orange and charcoal combo. fabulous. i agree with you on the imperial trellis. will be chic forever i think. i love it too. it might be my pick as well. although the nina campbell perroquet series wallpaper is still high on my list of wants.

Haven and Home said...

Can't wait to see the after!

Southern Aspirations said...

LOVE this post! Can't wait to see the chairs. I posted earlier this week about my dream fabric- Manuel Canova's Bengale in Papriika. I might get wallpaper instead of the fabric and frame it.

(And I'm glad someone else feels that way about fabric- loving it, not necessarily caring about the label, but sad it's so $$$!)

cottoncolors said...

I am fabric fiend and that is gorgeous fabric! Can't wait to see the finished product.

Blueprint Bliss said...

I cannot wait to see the finished product. I love that fabric.

paula said...

I can't wait to see! They will be fabulous. Have a great weekend.

Caitlin said...

these I can not wait to see!

Instant blog love right back at ya!

p.s. Where in Brazil are you? One of my best friends is moving to San Paolo and would love someone to talk to about viva en brazil

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