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Switching gears for a bit to discuss the exterior of our house.  For the last two years, we've spent the majority of our time and funds working on the inside of our house.  We did quite a bit of landscaping last year, and earlier this Summer, but, for the most part, the exterior of the house sat idle.
Not that I didn't have big plans for it, we just try to find balance of time and budget for our projects.  I've always felt our house had a big case of the blahs - not an eyesore by any means, but not a lot of curb appeal, either, and that killed me.  I strive to take a house to its best potential, and that has been the driving force in me with this house - the unmet potential it has.

The style of our home is traditional - a standard colonial built with brick and metal siding. The siding was faded, and needed to be cleaned, but otherwise, it was in good condition (i.e. no hailstorm dents, etc)  I can't even tell you how many door-to-door salespeople we've had trying to sell us vinyl siding!  Replacement just didn't seem necessary, and the control freak in me didn't want to be limited in my color selection when it came time to update the exterior.

This is the house as it looked when we bought it

So, we hired a local company that specializes in painting siding.  We discussed general color options, noting the benefits of going with a higher-contrast color combo, like medium-to-dark siding, with a darker color for shutters, and true white for the trim.  I knew I wanted to stay out of the true beige arena, but the brick on our house tended to pull me in that direction until I decided to ignore the brick altogether, and go with what I liked!
We ended up choosing Sherwin Williams colors: Functional Gray (as it turns out, a perfect "greige") for the siding, Peppercorn for the shutters and garage door, and Extra White for the trim.

...and here's how it turned out
I can't get over the change.  I keep driving up wondering if it's my house!  
Now, to be fair, we replaced the doors last year, which has made a huge difference in our front entrance.  We also added a crossbeam above the pilasters to bring some architectural interest, added fresh house numbers, and replaced the sconces.   Still, the power of paint!

I no longer feel like our house has the blahs, but instead is one of the happiest houses on the block!


bluehydrangea said...

What a difference!! Love the colors you chose, everything looks so crisp and fresh!

Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

Bravo my friend!! The power of paint is right. (and killer front doors)

Helen Keyes said...

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