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Project: Bayhouse

Last summer, my parents bought a home on the coast - we've (oh-so-originally) tagged it "the bayhouse."  It is lovely, spacious, and full of potential.  It also has a lot shall I say...builder-grade touches.  Picture mid-tone oak, "satin" nickel, and lots and lots of beige.  Needless to say, I've been dreaming of ways to up the ante on the place since I heard the words "we closed."  

In my mind, the perfect beach house would be a medley of  this

 and this
 probably some of this
OR this
 Tough call on that - location would factor.

But back to the Bayhouse....
The chance for decorating enlightenment might have made me foam at the mouth, because my parents graciously allowed my sister and I free reign to decorate our designated bedrooms as we please.

Wanna see what mine looked like the day they closed?

 I know.
This segment was brought to you by Rooms to Go.

The bed and nightstands were Craigs'd.  The lamps are being repurposed in the living area (working on that).  I saved the chest, but am in the process of giving it some TLC.  Stay tuned.

Considering this is a room I get to enjoy - oh, twice a year or so, I can't justify a big budget, but I have managed to give it some life. 
There's also some high-gloss revamping in the works, plus some big-change happenings in other parts of the house that'll happen over the next few weeks while I'm in town.  So, if you're in to B&A's and updates, check in.  I also have other shenanigans to share next time, so stick with me.


spark! (Ada-Marie) said...

Yessss. I love the lamps and the end tables. Can't see what you do to the Bayhouse -- what a fun project!

mrs. V { Chez V } said...

rug, please! and lamps. can't wait to see more.

R. J. and Heather said...

looking forward to seeing the rest!

MFAMB said...

talk about improvement. its a dream of mine to redo a vacation home on a budget. forget fancy...why would you? it would just get destroyed by potential renters and or kids.

The Martha Rose said...

Love love love those lamps!!! Where did you find them?

Maida Swenson said...

Oh my gosh - so much better. Can't wait to see what you do with the dresser! What are you going to do over the bed? How about something like this? You can almost feel wind in his work - perfect for a beach house -

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