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Even if you're ready for all the hub-bub of a royal wedding to be over you must admit their official portrait is perfection.
I'll watch to see what she wears, probably the rest of the high points by recast. I think she pretty much rocks, so I hope she hits a home run tomorrow. High five, Waitey Katie!


M said...

oh my gosh. i must admit, i am phsyked for this wedding!!

you nailed it, their portrait defines perfection. c:

Helena - A Diary of Lovely said...

off to sleep and alarm all ready to wake up 30 minutes before! fun!

Raina Cox said...

I'm such an excited goober about the whole thing!

Lindsey E. said...

I'm so super geeked. I LOVE her. Used to crush him, but now it's her. I think she's pretty damn fab. I hope she has something up her sleeve to make this wedding her own. And can't wait to see who did the dress and what it looks like! Cheers.

Michele said...

I'm so excited!!! I have so much coverage of the Royal Wedding saved to my DVR that I probably should take an entire day off of work just to watch it all. I plan on getting up early, around 4a.m. to watch the ceremony live. She's so gorgeous. Stunning photo of the happy couple.

benson said...

gorgeous...can't wait to see the dress. Do you think 30 years from now we'll say "how in the world did we think it was the best thing ever?"

anita said...

Their portrait is gorgeous.
I think she rocks, too!!
It airs at 4 am here, but I have the DVR ready to go.
So exciting!

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