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Dreaming up a Glammy Nursery

Yo, yo, Happy Stalkers! Today, I'm having the most fun playing Dream Decorator to Bailey Q's Baby Girl today at Peppermint Bliss. If you don't know Bailey, well, shame on you, because she's one clever and hilarious (Native Texan!) babe. Secondly, check out her Braziliant design skills as evidenced in her home, featured in the latest issue of Rue.


christine {bijouandboheme} said...

Stealing term braziliant- love love. And of course, adored Bailey's place- off to see your sure to be fabulous nursery!!

Lindsey E. said...

Love, love the nursery. Very fab. I can't wait to see what she actually does. I'm sure it will be a total show stopper!

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