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Non-Superbowl Awesomeness in Dallas

If you're in Dallas, and don't particularly care what's going on with the Big Game, perhaps you might be interested in this vintage, tufted sofa and/or chair.
dallas craigs sofa

The potential on these darlings just won't quit.


Jenn from Much to My Delight said...

Oh man. I gots mad love for that couch. In the right room, I don't even think I'd change the fabric.

Carla@DesignintheWoods said...

The backs are wonderful! I'd snap them up in a heartbeat.

I passed on the Stylish Blogger Award to you! Check out my blog and copy the award for your blog if you wish.

Have a nice Super Bowl Day!

The Mitchell Family said...

I live in the dallas area, and I have seen these a few times on CL, but I just don't know what I would do with them! Are they a recover job or a leave as is?? I love them because I LOVE tufting, but I could use some direction. Thanks!

christine {bijouandboheme} said...

I think I kind of love them as is- can't help it with the serious tufting and gorge yellow velvet!

my favorite and my best- MFAMB to you said...

the sofa yes..the chair is way archie bunker to me.
what about that sofa in a charcoal velvet? said...

Oh boy do I have a soft spot for these types of couches. With this material. Especially if they are still in good shape. Exactly what Jenn above said. In the right room these would rock and roll!


Alie said...

I've just discovered your blog, and your style is lovely! I'll be saving it and visiting again:). (plus, we have the same name, spelled with one 'l'!)

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