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Do you have IKEA furniture? I do - the casual Ektorp sofa resides at Casa Giese! So many of us can't resist the clever design, paired with insanely-good prices that the Swedish furniture store offers. However, we are also much too discerning, and don't want our homes looking like an IKEA showroom.
Enter Comfort Works, the Melbourne-based His-n-Her company that specializes in custom covers for Ikea sofas, armchairs and daybeds (they also do curtains, too!) The "Her" end of the company contacted me recently about doing a feature post about their wares. I don't normally submit to such solicitations, but their "We left the 9-to-5 to follow our creative yearnings" story found a soft spot in my heart, and I couldn't help but be intrigued.

I checked out their website, and have to say, the selection of fabrics is fun - a nice combo of playful patterns or simple solids. Their website allows you to "try" the fabric on a variety of IKEA sofa styles, and they'll send you swatches for free.
So, you say, yeah, yeah, but they're based in Australia - yes, AND they're now offering FREE shipping to USA customers, so chill that excuse!

Here's some ideas I'd work on my aforementioned Ektorp line...

For my everyday home, where I need something to hide drool marks and juice spills...the solid, Kino in charcoal would do.
For my more edgy, urban loft (that still has to be child-friendly), I'd rock their faux leather, "Urbanskin" in silver.
...And for that beach house getaway I'll always dream about, the crisp, minty, Elizabeth stripe. (Throwing in some orange, ethnic-y pillows 'course!)
So, go on, hit their site, play around with the fabrics, and say hello to Rachel and Henry for me!


Designer outdoor furniture said...

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Helena - A Diary of Lovely said...

Oooh they look great!! Thats a thing I miss about the ikea sofas, they don’t come with enough cover choices, smart!!
Have a great weekend xoxo

LiveLikeYou said...

I'm amazed to think of founder Ingvar Kamprad starting out selling frames and walking door to door to sell them- Now people all over the world are coming up with slipcovers for furniture that have become a household name. Never seizes to amaze me as I grew up with it just being a smaller Swedish company. Your blog looks great!!!

Averill said...

Hmm...this is exactly what my sad, EKTORP armchair/ottoman need!

PS - the PB basic line has much the same proportions as the EKTORP line (I've used IKEA slipcovers for old Pottery Barn furniture), so you these would probably work for those too!

prashant said...

Spots are limited and we book months in advance.
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l.alden said...

Thanks for sharing info on this slipcover option. Oh how I wish I could find a cover for my Karlstad sofa on this website. Perhaps in the future they'll make some for Karlstad.

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