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Little Happies: Close to My Heart

Remember these?
...And how I hoped to have one made as a Mother's Day gift?

Well, I sent in this photo...
...And, received this final product
I love it - will always cherish it - and want about a dozen more copies as wall hangings, fridge magnets, pillow iron-ons, keychains, you name it!


my favorite and my best said...

oh man! that's awesome. i want one too. can i still send a picture in of fiona and have one made too?

ms. less is always more said...

So gorgeous! I just love it!!

jgarza said...

I love it! Thinking of ordering two with my puppies profile....what size did you order, small - med - large?

MyLittleHappyPlace said...

Hey Jana:
I didn't specify a size...I think they just adjust according to the image you send???

LindsB said...

aww, that is too cute, she is adorable!!

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