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Hey, how 'bout a Fandango?

I first saw Fandango over a dozen years ago. I don't know what it is about this film...something absolutely mesmerizing about going nowhere, and the "privileges of youth." Especially when the "going nowhere" happens in the tumbleweeds of Texas, and the youths happen to hail from The University (my alma mater). And the soundtrack...killer! From the opening creds featuring Cream's Badge, to that final wedding scene filled with the brilliant fluidity that is Metheny's It's For You - it's an acoustical homage to the best music the early 70s had to offer - and it literally pulls you through the film...

Ever since I first saw Fandango, I've had this thing about wanting to take a West Texas Roadtrip - out to some of the vast locales featured in the film - places like Marfa, Marathon, and Valentine. Such a trip is not in the cards for me right now - something about living in another hemisphere, and having an adorable, but impatient toddler tends to limit such jaunts - but ONE DAY, I'll get to see these things with mine own eyes...
Fort Davis
by cynical pink

The historic Gage Hotel in Marathon
by focalplane

The Prada store art installation in Valentine
by mc white

The Minimalist museum in Marfa
by eeblet

...and other eccentric oddities...
by codooaustin

the famous Palace Theater in Marfa
by cynical pink

and the spectacularly stunning sunsets over Big Bend
by focalplane

*All photos courtesy of Flickr - photographer credit attributed to each photo


Lindsey said...

I know I comment all the time, but I can't help it. Clint had NEVER seen Fandango, so we took it to Italy with us. Watched it in Rome actually...he loved it. I told him it was a shame that he has waited so long for something so readily available. Love the post...inspiring to think there is so much to see and do right here in Texas.

Bill said...

Great movie !!! There are many of us out here with the same appreciation for that fantastic film.

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