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Christmas, Christmas Time is Here

Avery had a Christmas-cookie-making playdate this morning, and it really got me in the mood for all sorts of holiday goodies....cocoa kringles, gingerbread, hot spiced cider and chocolate-dipped pretzels - to name a few! What I want to know is, what is YOUR favorite holiday goodie? Does your family have a treat that is a tradition?

Get ready for your virtual sugar rush...

Here's our sugar cookies! Not too bad for lil' 'ol me who prefers the art of cooking over the science of baking. Funny thing is, when I was icing these, I kept thinking about the long-ago infamous remark by Hillary about not "staying home to bake cookies." Her loss, 'cuz I had a great time!

Well, kiddos...I'll be out on Thursday for the jewelry sale. Wish me luck, and not just for my pocketbook - I'm donating 10% of the proceeds to Hospice of South Texas - a charity near and dear to my heart...

AAAAND.....the upholsterer called....the asian chairs are ready!! I'll give a full TV/Den re-do update on Friday, and I'm going to need some comments and suggestions, so get your pretty-little-manicured-fingers ready!


Lindsey said...

Um, Peppermint Bark fo sho! Good luck at the jewls sale! I'm sure you'll be a hit. Can't wait to see the chairs.

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