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To Cut, or Not to Cut....

I'm borrowing this image from Elements of Style's Friday post...This REALLY makes me want to cut my hair - so flippy/swingy and cute - Love it! Maybe I'm in a hairstyle rut because I keep getting the itch to cut it. I always think....wear it long, have versatility (well, my idea of versatility is choosing between a ponytail or knot!), cut it, and run the risk of looking "like a mom." Consequently, whenever I pose this to Ben, he says, "but you ARE a mom." OK, fine, but I don't want to look like a momo-mom! ;) Opinions?
Oh! While I'm posting a Gwyneth pic, it reminds me that she's joined the blogworld with a new site called GOOP. Apparently posting on all things from food to fashion to fab locations worldwide. Such a newbie...we're Goldie Oldies in the blogosphere - MLHP has been online two months this past Friday - yippee!


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