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OK, so I'm fashionably late to the website party known as Etsy. I kept seeing it referenced, especially on my fave design blogs, but never really bothered to follow the link. Don't make the same mistake - go to the site! Handmade items from some very talented folks. I was just perusing the art selection, and amazed at all the really cool pieces! Why would anyone buy another repro at Z Gallerie, etc. when you can have true, original art? Some things are crazy cheap, too!
While you're at it, also check out All Pop Art. I see their ads all the time in the mommy mags, and I really want to have something made using an Avery pic. There's Warhol and Lichtenstein-esque looks, or serene silhouettes. All the "themes" are so cool, it'll be really tough to decide!

Remember: It doesn't matter that art is valuable or "important," it only matters that it engages you, sometimes for reasons you can't explain...


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